Basic Answer About Happiness

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See me I am happy and if you’re not happy you need to be happy because in my opinion happiness is the key to life. It is one of the most important things we can ever let into our mind and into our daily life as part of everything we do is happiness is being happy is expanding that happiness sharing that happiness. It’s a key to life is one of the things that we all need there’s no reason to go about this existence or this life with the negative mind state with negative energy manifesting inside of you. It’s kind of hard to start when we don’t even know what happiness is sometimes I mean how do we define happiness, what is happiness specifically? So before you even start here’s what a few my friends have to say when I ask him one question and one question only. What is happiness, happiness happiness is happiness is whatever you define it as happy with that they make sure you wake up in the morning true, joy and peace the things in your life and like looking beyond anything good that’s happening. Scene good varies from person to person there is no definitive answer to happiness. It’s a lot like peace in the way when like you have harmony and like all areas and being happy is being positive being positive is being happy and having harmony in all like areas of your life here is well like everything is working out. right now.


As you can see we all of you happiness differently it’s very subjective thing for a lot of people it’s hard to find something as complex as a state of happiness because there’s so many different ways to do it in so many subjective manners in which we do that and what we consider happy for us. So how do we define as they think how do we define something as happiness and you can always open a dictionary and see that happiness is a state of joy ranging from relaxed too immense happiness with tons of room for a misconception and definition in between that but that’s not exactly what happiness is that may be a literature example of happiness but that’s not really happiness. See happiness isn’t a thing or an object you can’t hold on to happiness you can’t buy happiness you can’t have something called happiness as a possession of sorts for you and this is a major component understanding happiness itself is realizing the happiness isn’t a material object.

I mean sure you can only things like fast cars and boats and video games or anything else that provides false or temporary burst of positive emotional reactions but that still is not happiness. Happiness is now it is leading it is a state of being and this is what happiness to most people including Aristotle state that it is the most important aspect in all human life it is the most important thing that we can master and understand as humans is happiness itself and is such a major factor in mankind’s quest for understanding like that we have religions and philosophies that are on a global scale based solely around teachings of how to be happy up how to mentally acquire that state of happiness and keep it on a scientific level.


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Studies have been done in an attempt to find a happiness gene a genetic code or genetic strand that explains why we are happy or why happiness is even a thing in the human mind and again we can try to sit here and turn happiness into a material thing into a specific isolated sense of matter or something that we can prescribe as specifically being happiness but we can so far and so it begs the question how do we achieve happiness how do we be happy how do we stay in a constant state of happiness throughout our whole life. Here’s how to me the most important factor to being happy is understanding yourself and realizing that happiness starts with you specifically you and nobody else happiness is a personal thing it is not something anyone else holds control over or something anyone else can tell you you have or don’t have happiness starts with your mind stay with your experiences with your understanding and nobody elses you can’t attribute you’re not happiness to anyone else or to anything else. Those are all just excuses that you make up and let manifest and give rise to the power of taking your happiness away when in reality they have no control over it.

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