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In December of 1993 a file called Doom1-0. zip was uploaded to the University of Washington’s FTP network. It contain the first of three episodes that would make up Doom what happened next would establish the most notable first-person shooter in that the genre itself spring forth from it. It wasn’t the first but it was the definitive and today we are going to take you on a trip through the Evolution of Doom. After ID Software had created Wolfenstein 3D and its sequel Spear of Destiny John Carmack set to work in the creation of a new engine that could be used to create much more detailed areas and scenarios that engine which is now known as IDTECH1 was the dual engine. What the game Doom would eventually be built upon was actually a very interesting and in some ways complicated way of rendering a world. To understand how Doom works is to understand Doom itself and how it was a phenomenon because it was pretty much the first to do so many of the things that it did. The naked eye it appears to be a 3D game however this is not entirely correct. It’s actually considered a 2.5 D game, all the levels are built on a 2D floor plan and a multi-layered area was completely impossible. Meaning you couldn’t have a room that was above another room, another thing that you couldn’t do was have a slope you could have stairs in that you would create small areas and give them different heights and you could have what looked like areas with different heights and functioned very much as we would expect it to you in a 3d space but the fact is a lot of it was kind of faking you out on that and the fact that it works so well is testament to exactly how well the engine was written.




The first time I played Doom my immediate reaction was not i’ll bet this is just a collection of 2d vertices with heights assigned to them that being said it did garner some criticism. Walls are drawn vertically with textures applied to them on the floor and ceiling work in sort of a flood fill like way. They have an algorithm that actually draws them as horizontal quote-unquote Visplanes. You were able to use noclip for instance which was the cheat that basically allows you to go through walls you would see that the floor continuously goes on and on and on on. This sounds like it might be over complicated or even in some ways unnecessary but you have to understand this was a time where computers were not nearly as powerful as they are today and in order to do something 3d it had to be in a way that wasn’t so processor-intensive.

This month coming up with ways that could make something look 3d without it necessarily taking up a lot of data in the ram which by the way there was almost no handling systems at this point especially compared to today’s Doom actually required eight megabytes of ram, 8 megabytes of ram and a lot of data had to be fit into that eight megabytes. It’s really quite ingenious if you think about it the way they constructed levels and environments in Doom is not one that many people would think of but it really paid off. Doom was praised and received numerous very good reviews rightfully so too if you had ever played Doom think of it in comparison to other games at the time it was just mind-blowing was completely different and the guns from shotguns all the way up to the bfg do made a massive impact and has been often listed as a source for inspiration for guns in countless other games.


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My Self Discussion of A Hoax Smash 4 Wii U

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There were some rumors going around about one of our videos recently and we want to clear things up and C5 from the BB smash tools and impossible texts are still impossible to tech. So a few months back we discovered that in Smash 4, you can’t take on a wall if you are too close to it while getting hit after that. Now and then people linked videos where they claimed to still take one of those the biggest and most recent one. There is one frame at the end of the required leg that is  actually tackle so we went back and researched it again and unfortunately  the fact in that video are wrong.

I want to say right away that we really appreciate the research done by this channel, I’m sure it was a lot of work and we definitely need more smash scientists in the community. Now let’s break down his video and find out what’s really happening he stands right beside the wall and is apparently touching it but there’s something really important to note. Sometimes it looks like the characters are close enough to the wall for the impossible text situation to happen but they actually are not the collision boxes of the characters don’t always match their visual appearance. This is exactly what’s happening in this video the best way to tell if attack was possible or not is to look at the hit leg and recall leg if you see the hit leg and the recall lag separately it is definitely possible to this tech. If it looks like there was only one kind of leg it is not possible, here is another very good example so this hit in the video is definitely tackle the only thing that worries me a bit is that he already bumped into the wall on the sixth and last frame of Shake Spare.



You could actually SDI towards the wall to hit earlier but that would turn this possible tag into an impossible tag we tested this a lot of times. So why is attacking that I don’t know it could have something to do with  the weird shape of the wall which would also explain this tag or the frame  counting in the video is wrong and it’s actually the seventh frame when she  bumps into the wall. Either way this was a possible tech in the beginning anyways and you can’t use SDI to get out of an impossible tech and make it possible. So I hope I could clarify this a bit for you guys starting to break the bad news to you but impossible texts are still a thing,

Amazing Tech 2016 – Making Life Easy


Smart Bike Lock – Five bikes are stolen like a lot to every minute over a million every year and that’s just what’s reported that’s why we’re so excited to bring you the world’s first auto unlocking smart bike lock. It can do a lot of cool things but at its core it’s a powerful lock that’s hard mounted to your frame so you’re always ready when you’re ready to lock up just tap the button and a hardened steel ring slides into place making it impossible to right away. So now that your bikes locked if someone tries picking it up has a built-in accelerometer that automatically triggers a silent stopping the peak in their trucks while simultaneously sending at Emperor directly to your phone. So you know what’s up now what makes link a smart lock is its ability to recognize who you are and automatically unlock as you approach of course you can always unlock it with your Smartphone. The performance access you can press your four-digit pass code for three cuisines is a universal open source.




Nuimo Seamless Smart Home Control

File printer it can print many different food categories confectionery and bakery products meat and dairy products vegetable and food products and many more you will see it is clean and easy to use your printable food. Safely packaged in cartridges this makes the Cassini the first plug and play printer. With the Cassini we want to show the world how easy and creative food printing competes no matter if you use because xenia in astronomy in factory or at home with the Cassini you can create your own fantastic new food world and create unprecedented food creations.

“Eden Garden Sensor”
I created a company called Eden and this is our first product the Eden Garden sensor even assess the soil nutrition in your garden tracks how humid or dry it may be the temperature kind of sunlight for getting throughout the day. Then Eden takes all that information about your garden and cross-references it with meteorological data from the area you live in Eden can tell you what type of fertilizer are best for your soil. Vegetables will thrive in it when to plant them and how often to water and that advice isn’t just based on generalities it’s based on what’s happening in your garden right now the end result is healthier more sustainable plants and hopefully the deeper connection to your garden one for the first time affordable wind energy can be delivered to the furthest points of the earth powering remote community off-grid industries and disaster relief the Otero’s back stronger more consistent wins found at higher altitudes at these. Heights it produces twice the energy of an ordinary winter mine the reason child is so exciting work going out this is really very simple it’s just a lot more that means thousand two thousand feet above the ground.

On the average five times as powerful as one reimagining proven aerospace technology the bat uses an inflatable helium chef to lift a lightweight turbine into the air power is sent to the ground using high strength conductive tethers the bat also offers a unique platform to expand internet. The phone services weather monitoring and much more designed to be rapidly deployed anywhere the bat significantly reduces human and Wildlife impact and compared to ordinary wind turbines