Why do honeybees Build Their Home Inside in Hexagonal Forms

Honeybees are fascinating creatures for a number of reasons: their incredible work ethic, the sugary sweet syrup they produce and their intricate social structure. But another reason is that honeybees are, in fact, excellent mathematicians. Scientists claim the tiny insects can calculate angles, and can even comprehend the roundness of the Earth.


But there’s particular mathematical bee genius behind the most important aspect of honeybee life: the hive. Just like humans, bees need food and shelter to stay alive. The hive is not only the bees’ home, but doubles as a place to store their honey. Since it’s so central to survival, honeybees have to perfect the hive’s architectural design. If you examine any piece of honeycomb, you’ll see that it’s constructed from tightly packed hexagonal, or six-sided, cells.


Of all the possible designs, why do honeybees choose this one? To understand, you need to think like a bee. Bees need a secure place for their entire colony to live. Similarly, there needs to be a place where their nectar can be stored and ripened suitably until it turns into honey. That means there’s a need for some serious space efficiency. A good solution is to build little storage units, or cells, just big enough for a bee to fit into, which can also double as the containers in which nectar is stored: The bees’ very own honey jars. The next thing, is to decide what the little cells should be made out of.


Bees don’t have beaks or arms to pick up things, but they are capable of producing wax. The thing is, producing it is a lot of hard work. Bees have to consume 8 ounces of honey to produce just 1 ounce of wax. So they don’t want to waste it. So, they need a design that allows them to store the largest possible amount of honey using the least amount of wax. What shape does that? Imagining for a minute that all bees had to attend architecture academy and go to math class.


Let’s say they asked their geometry teacher, “What shape would give us the most space to store our honey, but require the least amount of wax?” And then geometry teacher replied, “The shape that you’re seeking is the circle.” Leaving the bees to return to their trial constrution site and begin building their honeycomb using circular cells. After a while, some of them might have noticed a problem with their design: small gaps between the cells. “We can’t even fit in there! That’s wasted space!” they might have thought.


So, ignoring the geometry lesson, and taking matters into their own hands, the bees went back to the drawing board to rethink their beehive design. One suggested triangles, “We can use triangles. Look! They fit together perfectly.” Another bee suggested squares. Finally, a third bee piped up and said, “Pentagons don’t seem to work, but hexagons do! We want the one that will use the least amount of wax and be able to store the most amount of honey.


Yes, I think that’s the hexagon.” “Why?” “It looks more like the circle than the others.” “But how do we know for sure?” To find out, the industrious insect architects calculated the areas of the triangle, the square and the hexagon and found that the hexagon was, in fact, the shape that gave them the most storage space. They agreed on an ideal size and returned to work. The space efficient comb that is a bee’s trademark today, is probably the result of this trial and error, but over long periods of evolutionary history.


However, it paid off. Peek into any hive — with your protective goggles and netting on, of course — and you’ll see the end result: a beautiful compact honeycomb that any architect would have be proud to design.

Popular And Awesome Games Coming in October 2016

October brings with it a storm of highly anticipated games from new entries and Marquis franchises to remasters of some of last generation’s best games, it’s all coming in October and it’s all coming after your wallet. Now in this blog, we won’t be mentioning any PlayStation VR games. We’ll have a different video going over all of those in the near future so with that being said let’s get right into this.

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Rise of The Tomb Raider for ps4.

After nearly a year, Rise of The Tomb Raider will finally arrived to playstation 4 with some improvements. On top of the game you’ll get a new blood ties DLC and endurance cooperative mode and PlayStation VR support that will work with the blood ties DLC. The game will also perform better on playstation 4 pro. So if you’re picking up the new console, you have that to look forward to as well. And of course you get to play Rise of The Tomb Raider which is a fantastic game. If you enjoyed the 2013 reboot, this one just improves on that game in nearly every area from visuals, gameplay, story, it’s all better. Sure waiting a year sucked but this is still a game you should play. Rise of The Tomb Raider comes to ps4 on October 11th.



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Batman Returned to Arkham

After a slight delay, Batman Returned to Arkham movie hitting markets next month. Returned to Arkham will bundle the first 2 Arkham games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight with your typical remaster bonuses. Better visuals, frame rates, and all of the DLC content which is definitely nice. If you’ve never experienced Batman Arkham, this collection is a must-own. Those were two of the best games of last generation and many would say that those were better games than Arkham Knight. Whether you’re a fan of Batman or you just like action-adventure games, Batman Arkham is well worth it. It’s in the market on October 21st for ps4 and Xbox one.



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Skyrim Special Edition

One of the defining games of last generation was the Elder Scrolls’ 5 Skyrim. Unfortunately on consoles if perform less than spectacularly. So now, five years later getting a remastered edition for next generation platforms is definitely welcome. Just like returned to Arkham, Skyrim Special Edition will feature better graphics from lighting two shadows all that good stuff. Hopefully a better frame rate because it was pretty bad on the ps3 and 360 and it will include all of the DLC which is a sizable amount of content. It does come pricey at full retail $60 but for all of that content it’s not too bad. Skyrim Special Edition releases on October 28.


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Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Dragonball Xenoverse is getting a sequel aptly titled Xenoverse 2. This game will be a follow-up to one of the best DBZ games in awhile. Dragonball Xenoverse had several strengths that set above previous games from the customizability to the unique story that wasn’t just the typical rendition of the DBZ plot it had a lot of good. Sure it’s probably not the best game for those that aren’t a fan of the series but really you should be buying a DBZ game. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 releases on October 25th for pc, ps4 and Xbox one.


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Doom Constant Progress


In December of 1993 a file called Doom1-0. zip was uploaded to the University of Washington’s FTP network. It contain the first of three episodes that would make up Doom what happened next would establish the most notable first-person shooter in that the genre itself spring forth from it. It wasn’t the first but it was the definitive and today we are going to take you on a trip through the Evolution of Doom. After ID Software had created Wolfenstein 3D and its sequel Spear of Destiny John Carmack set to work in the creation of a new engine that could be used to create much more detailed areas and scenarios that engine which is now known as IDTECH1 was the dual engine. What the game Doom would eventually be built upon was actually a very interesting and in some ways complicated way of rendering a world. To understand how Doom works is to understand Doom itself and how it was a phenomenon because it was pretty much the first to do so many of the things that it did. The naked eye it appears to be a 3D game however this is not entirely correct. It’s actually considered a 2.5 D game, all the levels are built on a 2D floor plan and a multi-layered area was completely impossible. Meaning you couldn’t have a room that was above another room, another thing that you couldn’t do was have a slope you could have stairs in that you would create small areas and give them different heights and you could have what looked like areas with different heights and functioned very much as we would expect it to you in a 3d space but the fact is a lot of it was kind of faking you out on that and the fact that it works so well is testament to exactly how well the engine was written.




The first time I played Doom my immediate reaction was not i’ll bet this is just a collection of 2d vertices with heights assigned to them that being said it did garner some criticism. Walls are drawn vertically with textures applied to them on the floor and ceiling work in sort of a flood fill like way. They have an algorithm that actually draws them as horizontal quote-unquote Visplanes. You were able to use noclip for instance which was the cheat that basically allows you to go through walls you would see that the floor continuously goes on and on and on on. This sounds like it might be over complicated or even in some ways unnecessary but you have to understand this was a time where computers were not nearly as powerful as they are today and in order to do something 3d it had to be in a way that wasn’t so processor-intensive.

This month coming up with ways that could make something look 3d without it necessarily taking up a lot of data in the ram which by the way there was almost no handling systems at this point especially compared to today’s Doom actually required eight megabytes of ram, 8 megabytes of ram and a lot of data had to be fit into that eight megabytes. It’s really quite ingenious if you think about it the way they constructed levels and environments in Doom is not one that many people would think of but it really paid off. Doom was praised and received numerous very good reviews rightfully so too if you had ever played Doom think of it in comparison to other games at the time it was just mind-blowing was completely different and the guns from shotguns all the way up to the bfg do made a massive impact and has been often listed as a source for inspiration for guns in countless other games.


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Lots of Surprises In DB Super Saiyan Episode 57 to 58 – Fans Going Crazy


You fans of Dragon Ball Super Saiyan latest released episodes where Goku, Vegeta and Trunks have retreated from the fight thanks to Mai and Yajirobee who both rescue the Saiyans. Theres also a lot of surprises where future Zamazu and Black Goku are working together. Although in the episode 58 it’s was revealed that Whis and Beerus have already figured out what is going on with Zamazu and Black Goku where they come from and their next move. Another thing Trunk in episode 57 just show some moves hitting Black Goku and Zamazu. If he would turn into SSJ4 or SSJB that would be a great help to Vegeta and Goku. Lastly they are talking about how to become immortal to fight immortal Zamazu, which turn out to be a joke for the team since Goku himself has spoken to eat lots of magic beans to become immortal but things changes.



In episode 61 begins October nine titled Zamazu Ambition: Presenting the ‘Zero Mortals Plan. Now this plan sounds very suspicious and it can only really be one thing a plan to take out all the mortals thus the name Zero Mortals Plan. Now this is Zamazu  ambition in the last episode’s Zamazu  died but again that is the past Zamazu  literally we’re talking about the futures Zamazu  who is already in an immortal.

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So that’s pretty much what’s gonna be going down in episode 59 Goku and everyone else going to the universe 10. Episode 60 Beerus finds proof that Zamazu  who kills go on Gowasu and then in retaliation to that Beerus kills Zamazu  himself and then episode 61 it doesn’t have a description yet but it’s pretty clear that is a Zamazu  will be revealing his ultimate plan his mastermind plan that will as the title Zero Mortal Plan suggests will most likely put the entire universe at risk and since that versions Zamazu  is immortal you really gonna turn into a good guy like Majin buu or you’ll have to seal them away somewhere like they did with Garlic jr. but that was everything to keep you on today with Dragon Ball Super up to episode 61. The numbers are really starting to get high 61 episode is a really long time we just need to hit three more because there will be officially further on than GT was but no thank you so much for sticking around the end the video and until we meet again.


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Exciting Episodes Are Coming In DBS Especially Episode 59 and 60

Just when you think things couldn’t be getting any crazy with Dragon Ball Super they  they throw an absolute bombshell with four, technically three end because episodes already add three new leaks and what’s gonna be going down in the upcoming episodes

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However sometimes with episode title leaks there is occasionally bad news in this time unfortunately there is. They’ve been doing this a lot recently episode 59 which is the next episode wouldn’t be airing for at least two weeks which means that there’s not going to be another episode for next week and it’s not that bad and just devastating news. It’s just that recently Dragon Ball Super has been really good and all of that maybe it’s been good because of all these week long breaks they can take time to work on it more.All I’m saying is I just like to see the episode in every week at a time. Hopefully off next week we’ll be back on schedule I don’t know what the errand instead last time was the Olympics in the time before that it was a woman’s marathon so who knows what’s gonna be this time. Aside from that we do have leaks and spoilers for what can be coming up in the next few episodes. The next episode is episode 59 “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu Destroy Zamasu. So this is something that was kind of known for awhile pretty much what’s gonna be going on here is that Goku and everyone else they figure out the University 10 Kaioshin Gowasu  his life is in danger so they’re heading straight for Universe 10 and back in Universe 10 since there’s no one else around besides Zamasu obviously the only person that would put Gowasu endanger is him and that is exactly what is going to happen. Zamsu was planning on stealing Gowasu time ring but that’s where episode 59 cuts off an episode 60 begins titled Back to the Future : Black Goku’s Identity Revealed.




Its a bad  time Black Goku whose identity has been a mystery for months and usually when it comes to mysteries in Dragon Ball most of  the time they get solved pretty quickly but in episode sixties title is only trying to replace description after finding proof that the present days Zamazu has murdered Gowasu and the god of destruction Beerus destroys Zamazu that’s right. Beerus is actually gonna kill someone who matters it then goes on to say with present Zamazu destroyed the future should be safe but future Trunks still feels uneasy and goes to the Future to check things out. Obviously the biggest thing there is Beerus killings of Zamazu. Now I got to say really quickly that this Zamazu that Beerus kills is not the same as we saw with Black Goku who is the Zamasu we saw fight regular Super Saiyan Goku that is gonna die and the only reason Beerus ends up killing him is because and I really like how this turns out he finds out that is Zamazu murdered Gowasu I don’t know if this is just Beerus for filling out his garbage truck in Judy’s or if you genuinely wanted to kill him either way to be sick. Beerus finally get to kill and not just any kill this is a kill on a high-ranking character. This isn’t some kind of load your character out talking about we’re talking about one of the main villain in this arc. Anyway that is where episode 60 ends.


My Self Discussion of A Hoax Smash 4 Wii U

video games

There were some rumors going around about one of our videos recently and we want to clear things up and C5 from the BB smash tools and impossible texts are still impossible to tech. So a few months back we discovered that in Smash 4, you can’t take on a wall if you are too close to it while getting hit after that. Now and then people linked videos where they claimed to still take one of those the biggest and most recent one. There is one frame at the end of the required leg that is  actually tackle so we went back and researched it again and unfortunately  the fact in that video are wrong.

I want to say right away that we really appreciate the research done by this channel, I’m sure it was a lot of work and we definitely need more smash scientists in the community. Now let’s break down his video and find out what’s really happening he stands right beside the wall and is apparently touching it but there’s something really important to note. Sometimes it looks like the characters are close enough to the wall for the impossible text situation to happen but they actually are not the collision boxes of the characters don’t always match their visual appearance. This is exactly what’s happening in this video the best way to tell if attack was possible or not is to look at the hit leg and recall leg if you see the hit leg and the recall lag separately it is definitely possible to this tech. If it looks like there was only one kind of leg it is not possible, here is another very good example so this hit in the video is definitely tackle the only thing that worries me a bit is that he already bumped into the wall on the sixth and last frame of Shake Spare.



You could actually SDI towards the wall to hit earlier but that would turn this possible tag into an impossible tag we tested this a lot of times. So why is attacking that I don’t know it could have something to do with  the weird shape of the wall which would also explain this tag or the frame  counting in the video is wrong and it’s actually the seventh frame when she  bumps into the wall. Either way this was a possible tech in the beginning anyways and you can’t use SDI to get out of an impossible tech and make it possible. So I hope I could clarify this a bit for you guys starting to break the bad news to you but impossible texts are still a thing,

Why Bees Are Keeping Vanishing If We will not Do Something About this then It Will be gone Forever

There is an environmental mystery afoot, and it begins with a seemingly trivial detail that reveals a disaster of global proportions. One day, you notice that the honey you slather on your morning toast is more expensive. Instead of switching to jam, you investigate the reason for the price hike. What you find is shocking.


The number of domesticated honeybees in the US has been decreasing at an alarming rate. This decline appears too big to be explained by the usual causes of bee death alone: disease, parasites or starvation. A typical crime scene has almost no adult bees left in the hive, except, perhaps, a lonely queen and a few other survivors. It’s full of untouched food stores and a brood of unborn larvae, suggesting that the adults vacated without waiting for them to hatch. But what’s particularly eerie is that there’s no tell-tale mass of dead or dying bees nearby. Either they have forgotten their way back to the hive, or they have simply disappeared. These mysterious disappearances aren’t new.


Humans have been collecting honey for centuries. But it wasn’t until European settlers in the 1600’s introduced the subspecies, Apis mellifera, that we domesticated bees. Since the 19th century, beekeepers have reported occasional mass disappearances, giving them enigmatic names like disappearing disease, spring dwindle disease and autumn collapse. But when in 2006 such losses were found to affect more than half of all hives in the US, the phenomenon got a new name: colony collapse disorder. The most frightening thing about this mystery isn’t that we’ll have to go back to using regular sugar in our tea.


We farm bees for their honey, but they also pollinate our crops on an industrial scale, generating over 1/3 of America’s food production this way. So, how can we find the culprit behind this calamity? Here are three of the possible offenders. Exhibit A: Pests and Disease. Most infamous is the varroa mite, a minuscule red pest that not only invades colonies and feeds on bees, but also transfers pathogens that stunt bee growth and shortens their life span. Exhibit B: Genetics.


The queen is the core of a healthy hive. But nowadays, the millions of queen bees distributed in commercial hives are bred from just a few original queens, which raises the worry about a lack of genetic diversity which could weaken bees’ defenses against pathogens and pests. Exhibit C: Chemicals. Pesticides used both on commercial beehives and agricultural crops to ward off parasites could be getting into the food and water that honeybees consume.


Researchers have even found that some pesticides damage the honeybees’ homing abilities. So we have a file full of clues but no clear leads. In reality, scientists, the actual detectives on this case, face disagreement over what causes colony collapse disorder. For now, we assume that several factors are the cause.


Honeybees aren’t necessarily in danger of extinction, but fewer bees overall means less pollination and higher food costs, so it’s crucial that scientists solve the case of the vanishing bees. Because while having less honey might be a buzzkill, crop shortages are something that would truly sting.