Best Thing I Love Gaming

The three things I hate about pc gaming and a lot of you guys requested me to do a three things I love about pc gaming honestly. Customizability and options on pc you’re never limited one console when you go and buy a Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. You just get the console box you’re limited to the hardware inside the console on PC you can always upgrade the hard way.

If your graphics card is lagging behind you can go and buy a new graphics card. If you want to see if you that can render videos faster you can buy a new CP if you want to add more ram you can do that there’s so many different customizability options and it’s just not the hardware you get to pick what service you used to talk to your friends online.




Teamspeak skype anything like that you get to pick the service you buy your games from G2 a green man gaming steam, there’s so many different options and as far as in game goes you always have options to customize your settings on consoles the majority of games are locked to whatever the developer said it to you so you going to be playing at 30 frames per second on the majority of games.

Whatever settings the developer has left it on the consoles on pc you can always customize with things you can tinker with things. If you’re not getting as high of a frame it as you want you can always lower settings if you’re getting a really high frame and you’re like man. I want to play a higher resolution you can do that are increased the settings those options are always open and I like to have options like that because that really puts the ball on the gamers court.



You can play any games how you want to, I know a lot of people that can play games at 30 frames per second and they’ll be like men, I’ll play my game at 30 frames per second and I’ll get the highest frame rate, possible I know people that like to play the games at 60 frames per second but to give a rat’s ass about what settings they play the game at they just want that high 60 frames per second. Then there’s obviously people that want best of both worlds and on pc all those options are open you have options as far as the hardware goes and you have options as far as the software goes which like I said really put the ball in the gamers court.,

I love about pc gaming is competitive and multiplayer games now have some great memories playing competitive multiplayer games on console  playing call of duty on Xbox live or PS and they’re playing Halo or Kill Zone. That was fun and all but my greatest memories play multiplayer games was definitely on PC I’m not a big league of legends there anymore but when I did play it and trust me guys I was pretty bad at the game even still that game created some of the best memories. I have gaming from starting the game being complete garbage watching all my friends play ranked because I was a level 30 yet finally getting to level 30. I’m getting ranked myself but being ranked solo and he just want to scratch and claw to higher ranks on league of legends and I just remember one time it was a school night and I was up until like 5am with a friend of mine.

Were like man we’re going to get out of silver and those times playing League of Legends online until five in the morning on a school night is some of the best times I’ve ever had gaming. It’s just not League of Legends one other memory that sticks out of my head was playing hearthstone. I remember a bunch of my friends got into hearthstone around the same time and it was really late at night and we were just like man we don’t have a lot of cars right now.

You just want to all dropped fifty dollars and we dropped fifty dollars and we all started busting open heart stone facts and we were watching each other open up these facts. It was just a great time and experiences like that I only had on pc and it was just a beautiful thing.
I know a lot of people have had great experiences on consoles you know prank call of duty trying to get competitive at it but for me staying up until 5am playing league of legends are opening up a dozen hearthstone packed. With some of my best memories gaming and it was a ton of fun a lot of you guys won’t get it but those of you that do those of you that have been you know playing league of legends until 5am playing counterstrike global Offensive.

Trying to rank up there playing hearts don’t try to rank up you guys know what I’m talking about and it’s so much more fun when you’re doing with friends when you all have the same objective. And you have the same goals playing these games it’s just such a fun time and I really can’t explain it to you to those of you that have never experienced something like that but it’s just a beautiful thing playing games like that because to me I like having great single player experiences in gaming.

The main reason why I do game is to connect with people that have the same interests as me and peace even really allowed me to do that yes a lot of people did that with console. For me pc was where it was at my number one thing that I like about pc gaming and like I said I’ll probably do another part to this video. If you guys enjoyed it my number one thing is I love the old catalog of games and all the games from the past that I can go back and play on pc on PlayStation for backwards compatibility is being done away with Playstation now and Xbox one is bringing backwards compatibility back but it’s just with the 360 on pc.

You have years and years even decades of gaming experiences that are still available on PC and when you add in the beauty of emulators being able to play Playstation 2 games, nintendo wii games gamecube game and playstation 1 games. There’s a gigantic library on pc and for me a lot of the games that come out these days I don’t know whether it’s unshaded whether I’m just living in my childhood they just don’t do much for me that’s why I love playing older games even games from like 2009-2010.
I love going back and playing red faction guerrilla which I can’t do that on the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 2 any later don’t even get me started with that to be honest. I probably spend more time on the PS2 emulator and playing new releases playing games like kingdom hearts 2 and final fantasy 10.

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Some of the best games I’ve ever played and I’m probably jaded a lot of the games that come out these days are probably very good and don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy a lot of the games that come out these days come on guys which is there is one of my favorite games of all time but. I just walked on pc that you have thousands upon thousands of games from gaming history that you can go back and play whatever you want and you can get them for really cheap or have you laters cases you can get them for free.
I don’t really find emulators immoral because a lot of these games the developers aren’t even making any money off of there not being sold anymore so I think it’s fair game. I just like that on pc its one lineal gaming platform were on the consoles.

You go to the PS4 all your PS3 games can be played on it and not everybody has a room tap all their older consoles out you know that’s a pretty big hassle to have all those consoles out all the games out on pc. All those games are digital you can play them whenever you want and it’s just great so let me know what you guys think I can definitely do another part to this soon. I didn’t even mention graphics and performance since I think most of you guys know about that but if you guys did enjoy this video definitely let me know and I’ll definitely do another part to it.  Click here.


Ideal Video Games For Real Entertainment This Year


Battlefield One

One of the most popular franchises in the gaming world is back again Battlefield, with Battlefield 1. For those that somehow don’t know battlefield 1 will be a change of pace from recent BF games with the taking place in world war one. And the weaponry and vehicles will be resemblance of that time period. While battlefield was always great, it was also getting a bit stale. So it’s nice to see EA and a shake up the franchise at least a little bit. Don’t get it twisted however this is still Battlefield and playing the beta you could tell that immediately. But the new setting gives the game the makeover it needed. Battlefield 1 release on October 21st for pc, ps4, and Xbox one.



Titanfall 2

Titanfall was one of the most anticipated games this generation but it left some people with a sour taste in their mouth. The core of the game was good but the lacking content definitely hurt. And the game not being on ps4 didn’t help either. It seems is no responder remedying those issues in the sequel. Unlike the first game Titanfall 2 will feature a traditional single player campaign focusing on the relationship between Titan and pilot. And as far as the multiplayer goes, you can expect more content there too with game modes.Titalfall  had a lot of potential and it set the foundation for a potentially great franchise. Hopefully Titanfall 2 build upon it becomes the great first-person shooter that it can be released on October 24 for pc, xbox one and this time on ps4 as well.



Gears of War 4

Its kind of amazing how we are just a month away from the release of Gears of War 4, the latest in one of Microsoft’s Marquis franchises. And there’s just doesn’t seem to be a lot of hyper anticipation surrounding this game. Regardless Gears of War for is coming and it’s moving in a different direction at least in some areas compared to previous games. The game centers around Marcus’s son JD Phoenix and takes place 25 years after the original trilogy. This also being coalition’s first new gears of war game you know they want to leave a good first impression. From the multiplayer beta that seems to be standard Gears fair but nonetheless this should be one of the best shooters of the year. It comes to Xbox one and Windows 10 on October 11.


Civilization 6

One of the PCs most popular franchises back with Civilization 6. At this point, I think everyone that’s a pc gamer has played Civilization to this day. Civ 5 is still one of the most played games on Steam and I expect no difference with 6. This game will retain the fundamentals of what made Civ 5 so great but it is being refined in many areas. One of the main focuses of the game was to make the game more open and avoid the player having to follow a set path of improvements. If you’re a fan of the series Civ 6 is probably already on your wish list and it will officially be out on October 21st for pc.




Mafia 3

Mafia 3 has become one of the most anticipated games of the year. Kind of out of nowhere. Sure mafia two was a great game but I think I’m accurate when I say that that game wasn’t some sort of barn burner at least commercially anyway. But with mafia three it seems like 2k has tapped into something whether it be because of the new open-world, the gritty style of the game. Whatever it is, Mafia 3 has a lot of eyes on it. And interestingly enough, the game is being developed by a new studio and hangar 13 so you know they’ve had a lot of pressure on them to deliver something of quality. Mafia 3 releases on pc, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one on October 7.



The Last Guardian

It’s been over seven years since The Last Guardian was first announced. The game was to be a playstation 3 exclusive. However development told that it went missing for a while. Nonetheless it was finally been revealed and its a ps4 game now and it’s coming next month. Last Guardian is being developed by Team Ico, the guys that were behind two of the best ps2 games of all time in Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It’s hard to know what to expect with this game, games that have been in development for this long and so unpredictable, but you’ll still probably get a very emotional and artistic game out of The Last Guardian and release October 25th exclusively to the ps4.


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Popular And Awesome Games Coming in October 2016

October brings with it a storm of highly anticipated games from new entries and Marquis franchises to remasters of some of last generation’s best games, it’s all coming in October and it’s all coming after your wallet. Now in this blog, we won’t be mentioning any PlayStation VR games. We’ll have a different video going over all of those in the near future so with that being said let’s get right into this.

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Rise of The Tomb Raider for ps4.

After nearly a year, Rise of The Tomb Raider will finally arrived to playstation 4 with some improvements. On top of the game you’ll get a new blood ties DLC and endurance cooperative mode and PlayStation VR support that will work with the blood ties DLC. The game will also perform better on playstation 4 pro. So if you’re picking up the new console, you have that to look forward to as well. And of course you get to play Rise of The Tomb Raider which is a fantastic game. If you enjoyed the 2013 reboot, this one just improves on that game in nearly every area from visuals, gameplay, story, it’s all better. Sure waiting a year sucked but this is still a game you should play. Rise of The Tomb Raider comes to ps4 on October 11th.



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Batman Returned to Arkham

After a slight delay, Batman Returned to Arkham movie hitting markets next month. Returned to Arkham will bundle the first 2 Arkham games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight with your typical remaster bonuses. Better visuals, frame rates, and all of the DLC content which is definitely nice. If you’ve never experienced Batman Arkham, this collection is a must-own. Those were two of the best games of last generation and many would say that those were better games than Arkham Knight. Whether you’re a fan of Batman or you just like action-adventure games, Batman Arkham is well worth it. It’s in the market on October 21st for ps4 and Xbox one.



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Skyrim Special Edition

One of the defining games of last generation was the Elder Scrolls’ 5 Skyrim. Unfortunately on consoles if perform less than spectacularly. So now, five years later getting a remastered edition for next generation platforms is definitely welcome. Just like returned to Arkham, Skyrim Special Edition will feature better graphics from lighting two shadows all that good stuff. Hopefully a better frame rate because it was pretty bad on the ps3 and 360 and it will include all of the DLC which is a sizable amount of content. It does come pricey at full retail $60 but for all of that content it’s not too bad. Skyrim Special Edition releases on October 28.


video games

Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Dragonball Xenoverse is getting a sequel aptly titled Xenoverse 2. This game will be a follow-up to one of the best DBZ games in awhile. Dragonball Xenoverse had several strengths that set above previous games from the customizability to the unique story that wasn’t just the typical rendition of the DBZ plot it had a lot of good. Sure it’s probably not the best game for those that aren’t a fan of the series but really you should be buying a DBZ game. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 releases on October 25th for pc, ps4 and Xbox one.


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Doom Constant Progress


In December of 1993 a file called Doom1-0. zip was uploaded to the University of Washington’s FTP network. It contain the first of three episodes that would make up Doom what happened next would establish the most notable first-person shooter in that the genre itself spring forth from it. It wasn’t the first but it was the definitive and today we are going to take you on a trip through the Evolution of Doom. After ID Software had created Wolfenstein 3D and its sequel Spear of Destiny John Carmack set to work in the creation of a new engine that could be used to create much more detailed areas and scenarios that engine which is now known as IDTECH1 was the dual engine. What the game Doom would eventually be built upon was actually a very interesting and in some ways complicated way of rendering a world. To understand how Doom works is to understand Doom itself and how it was a phenomenon because it was pretty much the first to do so many of the things that it did. The naked eye it appears to be a 3D game however this is not entirely correct. It’s actually considered a 2.5 D game, all the levels are built on a 2D floor plan and a multi-layered area was completely impossible. Meaning you couldn’t have a room that was above another room, another thing that you couldn’t do was have a slope you could have stairs in that you would create small areas and give them different heights and you could have what looked like areas with different heights and functioned very much as we would expect it to you in a 3d space but the fact is a lot of it was kind of faking you out on that and the fact that it works so well is testament to exactly how well the engine was written.




The first time I played Doom my immediate reaction was not i’ll bet this is just a collection of 2d vertices with heights assigned to them that being said it did garner some criticism. Walls are drawn vertically with textures applied to them on the floor and ceiling work in sort of a flood fill like way. They have an algorithm that actually draws them as horizontal quote-unquote Visplanes. You were able to use noclip for instance which was the cheat that basically allows you to go through walls you would see that the floor continuously goes on and on and on on. This sounds like it might be over complicated or even in some ways unnecessary but you have to understand this was a time where computers were not nearly as powerful as they are today and in order to do something 3d it had to be in a way that wasn’t so processor-intensive.

This month coming up with ways that could make something look 3d without it necessarily taking up a lot of data in the ram which by the way there was almost no handling systems at this point especially compared to today’s Doom actually required eight megabytes of ram, 8 megabytes of ram and a lot of data had to be fit into that eight megabytes. It’s really quite ingenious if you think about it the way they constructed levels and environments in Doom is not one that many people would think of but it really paid off. Doom was praised and received numerous very good reviews rightfully so too if you had ever played Doom think of it in comparison to other games at the time it was just mind-blowing was completely different and the guns from shotguns all the way up to the bfg do made a massive impact and has been often listed as a source for inspiration for guns in countless other games.


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Basic Answer About Happiness

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See me I am happy and if you’re not happy you need to be happy because in my opinion happiness is the key to life. It is one of the most important things we can ever let into our mind and into our daily life as part of everything we do is happiness is being happy is expanding that happiness sharing that happiness. It’s a key to life is one of the things that we all need there’s no reason to go about this existence or this life with the negative mind state with negative energy manifesting inside of you. It’s kind of hard to start when we don’t even know what happiness is sometimes I mean how do we define happiness, what is happiness specifically? So before you even start here’s what a few my friends have to say when I ask him one question and one question only. What is happiness, happiness happiness is happiness is whatever you define it as happy with that they make sure you wake up in the morning true, joy and peace the things in your life and like looking beyond anything good that’s happening. Scene good varies from person to person there is no definitive answer to happiness. It’s a lot like peace in the way when like you have harmony and like all areas and being happy is being positive being positive is being happy and having harmony in all like areas of your life here is well like everything is working out. right now.


As you can see we all of you happiness differently it’s very subjective thing for a lot of people it’s hard to find something as complex as a state of happiness because there’s so many different ways to do it in so many subjective manners in which we do that and what we consider happy for us. So how do we define as they think how do we define something as happiness and you can always open a dictionary and see that happiness is a state of joy ranging from relaxed too immense happiness with tons of room for a misconception and definition in between that but that’s not exactly what happiness is that may be a literature example of happiness but that’s not really happiness. See happiness isn’t a thing or an object you can’t hold on to happiness you can’t buy happiness you can’t have something called happiness as a possession of sorts for you and this is a major component understanding happiness itself is realizing the happiness isn’t a material object.

I mean sure you can only things like fast cars and boats and video games or anything else that provides false or temporary burst of positive emotional reactions but that still is not happiness. Happiness is now it is leading it is a state of being and this is what happiness to most people including Aristotle state that it is the most important aspect in all human life it is the most important thing that we can master and understand as humans is happiness itself and is such a major factor in mankind’s quest for understanding like that we have religions and philosophies that are on a global scale based solely around teachings of how to be happy up how to mentally acquire that state of happiness and keep it on a scientific level.


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Studies have been done in an attempt to find a happiness gene a genetic code or genetic strand that explains why we are happy or why happiness is even a thing in the human mind and again we can try to sit here and turn happiness into a material thing into a specific isolated sense of matter or something that we can prescribe as specifically being happiness but we can so far and so it begs the question how do we achieve happiness how do we be happy how do we stay in a constant state of happiness throughout our whole life. Here’s how to me the most important factor to being happy is understanding yourself and realizing that happiness starts with you specifically you and nobody else happiness is a personal thing it is not something anyone else holds control over or something anyone else can tell you you have or don’t have happiness starts with your mind stay with your experiences with your understanding and nobody elses you can’t attribute you’re not happiness to anyone else or to anything else. Those are all just excuses that you make up and let manifest and give rise to the power of taking your happiness away when in reality they have no control over it.

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Lots of Surprises In DB Super Saiyan Episode 57 to 58 – Fans Going Crazy


You fans of Dragon Ball Super Saiyan latest released episodes where Goku, Vegeta and Trunks have retreated from the fight thanks to Mai and Yajirobee who both rescue the Saiyans. Theres also a lot of surprises where future Zamazu and Black Goku are working together. Although in the episode 58 it’s was revealed that Whis and Beerus have already figured out what is going on with Zamazu and Black Goku where they come from and their next move. Another thing Trunk in episode 57 just show some moves hitting Black Goku and Zamazu. If he would turn into SSJ4 or SSJB that would be a great help to Vegeta and Goku. Lastly they are talking about how to become immortal to fight immortal Zamazu, which turn out to be a joke for the team since Goku himself has spoken to eat lots of magic beans to become immortal but things changes.



In episode 61 begins October nine titled Zamazu Ambition: Presenting the ‘Zero Mortals Plan. Now this plan sounds very suspicious and it can only really be one thing a plan to take out all the mortals thus the name Zero Mortals Plan. Now this is Zamazu  ambition in the last episode’s Zamazu  died but again that is the past Zamazu  literally we’re talking about the futures Zamazu  who is already in an immortal.

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So that’s pretty much what’s gonna be going down in episode 59 Goku and everyone else going to the universe 10. Episode 60 Beerus finds proof that Zamazu  who kills go on Gowasu and then in retaliation to that Beerus kills Zamazu  himself and then episode 61 it doesn’t have a description yet but it’s pretty clear that is a Zamazu  will be revealing his ultimate plan his mastermind plan that will as the title Zero Mortal Plan suggests will most likely put the entire universe at risk and since that versions Zamazu  is immortal you really gonna turn into a good guy like Majin buu or you’ll have to seal them away somewhere like they did with Garlic jr. but that was everything to keep you on today with Dragon Ball Super up to episode 61. The numbers are really starting to get high 61 episode is a really long time we just need to hit three more because there will be officially further on than GT was but no thank you so much for sticking around the end the video and until we meet again.


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Exciting Episodes Are Coming In DBS Especially Episode 59 and 60

Just when you think things couldn’t be getting any crazy with Dragon Ball Super they  they throw an absolute bombshell with four, technically three end because episodes already add three new leaks and what’s gonna be going down in the upcoming episodes

tech 7

However sometimes with episode title leaks there is occasionally bad news in this time unfortunately there is. They’ve been doing this a lot recently episode 59 which is the next episode wouldn’t be airing for at least two weeks which means that there’s not going to be another episode for next week and it’s not that bad and just devastating news. It’s just that recently Dragon Ball Super has been really good and all of that maybe it’s been good because of all these week long breaks they can take time to work on it more.All I’m saying is I just like to see the episode in every week at a time. Hopefully off next week we’ll be back on schedule I don’t know what the errand instead last time was the Olympics in the time before that it was a woman’s marathon so who knows what’s gonna be this time. Aside from that we do have leaks and spoilers for what can be coming up in the next few episodes. The next episode is episode 59 “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu Destroy Zamasu. So this is something that was kind of known for awhile pretty much what’s gonna be going on here is that Goku and everyone else they figure out the University 10 Kaioshin Gowasu  his life is in danger so they’re heading straight for Universe 10 and back in Universe 10 since there’s no one else around besides Zamasu obviously the only person that would put Gowasu endanger is him and that is exactly what is going to happen. Zamsu was planning on stealing Gowasu time ring but that’s where episode 59 cuts off an episode 60 begins titled Back to the Future : Black Goku’s Identity Revealed.




Its a bad  time Black Goku whose identity has been a mystery for months and usually when it comes to mysteries in Dragon Ball most of  the time they get solved pretty quickly but in episode sixties title is only trying to replace description after finding proof that the present days Zamazu has murdered Gowasu and the god of destruction Beerus destroys Zamazu that’s right. Beerus is actually gonna kill someone who matters it then goes on to say with present Zamazu destroyed the future should be safe but future Trunks still feels uneasy and goes to the Future to check things out. Obviously the biggest thing there is Beerus killings of Zamazu. Now I got to say really quickly that this Zamazu that Beerus kills is not the same as we saw with Black Goku who is the Zamasu we saw fight regular Super Saiyan Goku that is gonna die and the only reason Beerus ends up killing him is because and I really like how this turns out he finds out that is Zamazu murdered Gowasu I don’t know if this is just Beerus for filling out his garbage truck in Judy’s or if you genuinely wanted to kill him either way to be sick. Beerus finally get to kill and not just any kill this is a kill on a high-ranking character. This isn’t some kind of load your character out talking about we’re talking about one of the main villain in this arc. Anyway that is where episode 60 ends.