Defeating Your Fear


I kind of have a wave of anxiety but I enjoyed it kind of made me understand how big a factor fear really is in life and how we need to only distinguish fear and eliminate fear but to be confident the same like to use both factors equally and making our life right and the same light not always are confident enough to when we know what we do well and what we want to do. We choose not to do it for whatever reasons maybe in us but why do we fear things and what can we do on a lifelong skill to make use less fearful. So with that being said let’s get into this week’s topic understanding fear and how to overcome that fear instead gain full confidence in yourself and in your life.


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Now the first thing we must notice is that when we come into a situation where we are fearful of things for fear is kind of grasping at us we tend to change how we act physically and we need to realize that a big factor in how to understand and overcome fear is to control our body our physical vessel is what houses our mind in our thoughts. So by taking care of your body and by understanding the body’s reaction to fear that will help major in the long run for getting past fear itself very specific way of doing this is breathing is understanding your breathing patterns to when you start having anxiety or start dealing with something fearful slow your breath down to take it slow to kind of understand what’s going on and not only understand this fear but to let engulf me let all this for your kind of consume you with a lot of you will say. They can’t do it won’t do because it does it scares you more but the difference is by scaring you more of the sphere hit you harder than ever had before it gets to a point where when it hits you hard enough and you feel so much of the sphere. You’ll never feel as much again in the pain will never be as that which makes it a lot easier to work with that fear and to get past it so you can either slowly breathing count you know. Count to ten slowly realized this is all in your mind that you need to calm your body down to understand.


This fear to get past this fear or on the other side of the spectrum you can let this fear take over your body takes over and grasping you eat you as hard as it can in that specific moment not later on not anywhere time but in that moment you can feel that anxiety and that wave in the brush of fear let it hit you and then kind of try to think upon it when it is hitting you and realize that this is a strong as that hit is then you know you can get past it because it will never be this bad again. It’s something you can defeat because you are strong you have that ability to do so. Another great thing is our brain is very well adapted to scaling things making us understand the severity of set actions so when you’re feeling something use a simple scale like a one to ten scale and kind of rank your fear where would that be on the scale from given your life to not scared at all and say you have a fear and something comes out and you see something is going in for a job interview and you’re scared of it but you want to bring you as a forward when you realize that it’s not as scary as you once thought it makes it a lot easier to deal with you understand this fear is not one of the most major fears your life and it’s something we’re just over thinking over analyzing innocence.