You Know What Is Money


Today we’re going to be talking about money when you look around it seems like money is everywhere and society these days we grow up either needing it wanting it or having it’s always there though you know we’re kind of condition from youth to want to acquire money. There’s people higher up telling us that we need more of it. There’s the schools were any kind of conditioning us to be scared that we might not make enough of and life it’s pretty scary concept for a lot of people don’t know a lot about money and it’s crazy because almost everything we decide to do with our careers and lives is determined by how much of these we can make doing it how much money is your time and skill worth. It’s kind of insane that we base our entire lives off of something that we created out of thin air that we made up and something that’s been around for so long and it’s so prevalent these days that we never really stop to question it to wonder about how it works about what it is you know what impact it has on our lives and the most important question do we or do we not need money and we’re gonna be skimming the surface today and we go over the truth about money.



So first things first what is money I mean what do we consider money. What its core money is an accepted basis of exchange with a stored value over time take gold for instance if I have a gold bar and I put that in storage for about 50 years and I take it back out fifty years later I will still be able to use that as a medium of exchange because it holds a value over time. This is my key principles of money it has to do this it has to hold that value over time this is why a lot of countries in the past on something called the gold standard where is their dollars of their money amount was based on how much it was worth in gold but times change and nowadays almost all of our currency is known as fiat money. This may sound a little complicated but it’s really not all that means is that your government decides what is considered legal tender and how much that legal tender is worth in other words.

This money is only worth a hundred dollars because the government says it is it declared it worth a hundred dollars this actual paper isn’t worth. A hundred dollars itself is just a hundred dollars worth of exchange money for goods or services. It’s pretty scary to think about the fact this is only worth something when the government says it’s for something when they give it that determine price and because of this there are loopholes in the government where they can create as much money as they want for Wars, for on funding you know bailout stuff like that they can create. This money because it’s not a fixed thing it’s just a piece of paper with a number on it that determines the worth of something and this is why prices tend to fluctuate so much and we get into state of inflation where there are so many dollar bills and circulation that they essentially lose worth and the goods and commodities become worth more than that time.

So you have a ninety-eight cents pack of gum well if a lot of money is printed into circulation all the night year that dollar bill will be worth less because there are more of those dollar bills and when that happens that 98 cent pack of gum is gonna rise to one of the two since the dollars less therefore you’ll be needing more than that one dollar to pay for something that is essentially worth less and it’s even crazier that we
put our entire trust into the system thing that it will last and be stable throughout our entire lives when it’s almost couldn’t be farther than the truth. Things are always changing especially money and it’s worth and its value and what power it has and the fact that we are willing to give up our entire lives from 20 to about 60 just to compile enough of this that we live comfortably hopefully for the rest of our lives.